Prayer Points


2011 – OUR YEAR OF “GREATER WONDERS” (PS 136 :4; JOEL 2: 25-26)

1. Worship and praise God for His Unfailing Promise .Ps. 89: 34-35; 1 Thess.5:24)
2. Praise and worship God for His goodness (Ps 119:68; Acts 10:38)
3. Praise God for His covenant-keeping nature (Ps. 89; 34-35; Matth. 24:35)
4. Praise God for His awesomeness. (Rev. 4: 4-8)
5. Praise God for His manifold blessings on you and family for the past 243 days (Ps 103: 2)
6. Praise God for His doings through Refreshing Ministries International (Matt 21:42)
7. Praise God for the fulfillments of His Promise to you this month1 (John 14:12))

8. Confess all your shortcomings and that of your household members. (Job 1:5; 1Jn. 1:7-9)
9. Rededicate your household members and yourself to God a fresh. (Rom 12:1-2)
10. Sanctify yourself a new with the Name and Blood of Jesus Christ (John 17:17)

11. Travail fervently for all temporal Leaders, Kings, and Presidents etcetera. (1 Tim 2:1-2)
12. Ask God to help them fulfill God’s purpose for their nations (Acts 12:36)
13. Pray for Divine encounter with President Barack Obama . (Gen 32:24; Acts 9:6)
14. Pray for God’s intervention over the economy of America as a nation (Esther 9:22)
15 Pray for Divine encounter of all Judiciary, Lawmakers and Senators around the globe (Isaiah 33:22)
16. Pray God to put His fear in the hearts of the world’s leaders ( Deut. 31: 12)
17 Pray for the spirit of honesty and integrity among the National leaders in Nigeria (Exo. 18:21)
18. Pray for tenure of peace, progress and prosperity of Nigeria’s new government
19. Pray for contagious holiness in all our Spiritual Leaders (Lev 19:1; Isaiah 52:11)
20. Pray for God’s intervention in Japan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Joplin (Ez.22:30; 1 Thess. 5:25))
21. Pray that God should preserve the homes and marriages of all believers (Eph 5:22-31)
22. Pray for the protection and peace of Jerusalem. (John 17:21: Ps. 126:6)
23. Pray for New Passions for souls among Missionaries around the globe. (Deut. 6:5)
24. Intercede for the great flow of God’s power to heal the sick and afflicted. (Lk 19:10)
25. Pray for increased anointing on Refreshing Prayer Line and her ministers. (Lk 5:17)
26 Pray for RMI 2011 Convention coming up in Sept. 22-25 in Los Angeles (1 Thess. 5:25)
27. Pray for God’s intervention over the Boko-Haram in Nigeria (2 Kings 19: 35)
28. Pray for global Revivals around the globe. (Ps 85:5; Isa 64:1-6)

29. Demolish all the evil plans of the enemy against you this month (Job 38: 12)
30. Uproot, overthrow and bulldoze all powers tampering with your prosperity (Jer 1:9)
31. Ask God to grant you utmost Honor and Dignity in your day to day assignment .( Gen.41:41)
32. Ask God to increase your Faith, Purity and Obedience (Luke. 17:5, Acts 5:32)
33. Ask God to grant you wisdom, courage and faith to excel on your job ( Gen. 41:31=33 )
34. Ask God to let you be completely obedient to Him (Deut. 27: 10; 2 Cor. 4: 6-10)
35. Ask God to make you a vessel of honor in blessing people around you (Gen. 60:21)

36. Worship and praise God for answered prayers. (Matt 21:21-22)